Max Skis in The Alps: Picture & Smith

One of our new team members recently took to the Alps with skiing equipment from the Newbury store and wrote about it upon his return. Here is what he had to say; 

"For the past few months, I've been working at Montagne Sports and as a sales assistant, I spend most of my days talking to customers about our products. So, I was delighted to be able to go out to Les 3 Vallées in the French Alps to try some of it out myself. 
For me, Picture and Smith are the main two brands I chose to try out and represent.
Smith pride themselves as being the top of the market for protection and eyewear and from my experience it wasn't hard to see why; their products use the best technology in the market to create products where the quality and performance truly shines through. The ChromaPop goggle lenses enhance colours and make the changes in the ground much easier to see, which not only creates a more enjoyable experience of the view on the slopes, but also gives you more confidence as you know what lies ahead of you. The MIPS protection in their helmets inspires you to try things you may have been scared of; the liner provides protection from rotational forces in the event of a crash by moving the helmet around your head to negate and absorb impacts that could cause damage to the brain.
Picture clothing supplied my jacket and salopettes. Their products use a variety of sustainable materials and technologies to make a day on the mountain dry and comfortable. Their waterproofing Dryplay membrane is instrumental in providing the best experience when out in the elements.

As I was out from the first lift at 9 am until last at 5 pm, I was grateful for the quality that these brands have put into their products making them incredibly comfortable and reliable all day in the snowy conditions. I used the Smith Scout helmet paired with the Squad XL goggles. It cannot be understated how well their AirEvac system works when using both Smith helmet and goggles; the two effortlessly slot into one another and create a truly fog free experience throughout the day. Furthermore, the system also keeps your head nice and cool through the various air channels.
I took myself down some fairly technical terrain from the Couloir Tournier to the various skill parks across the resort and throughout all of these, the Smith products inspired confidence and made me feel fully protected as they felt so natural on my head and my face. The XL goggle frame made my field of view just as wide as it would be had I not been wearing any goggles, which I found to be truly game-changing from other goggles I've had (I could see the foam and the edges of the lens). Feeling fully enclosed made me focus solely on the slope ahead and not worrying about missing any obstacles in my peripheral vision. The ChromaPop lens also cuts out any ambiguity to what lies ahead, furthering my confidence in what I'm doing.

Both the Alpin Jacket and Alpin Pants provided excellent warmth and breathability when it was needed. The stand out waterproofing from Picture's Dryplay technology kept me dry even in the biggest falls and sitting in the snow while taking a break. A feature that I wasn't initially aware of, is the ability to attach the pants to the jacket to form an extra layer of protection from snow going up your back/down your legs. This would be especially good for beginners who spend a lot more time on the floor. I was thankful for the zip up vents on both jacket and trousers when the midday sun rose; a must-have on ski clothing, allowing the wind to cool me down like my very own air conditioning and really came in useful when going downhill.

Both the Smith and Picture products excelled in their fields and were able to provide all day comfort, making me feel confident to go down whatever was in front of me. I would highly recommend any Smith or Picture products, especially matching Smith helmets and goggles to fully appreciate the AirEvac system for overall comfort, as this was a revelation for me. 

After coming back it's given me a new perspective on products at Montagne Sports. I'm looking forward to continue working and getting excited for the next Ski season. "

- Max at Montagne Sports

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  • Elizabeth Burgess

    Great product reviews with real-life experience of how they perform. Thank you for sharing!

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