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So last October I (very last minute) booked myself a trip to South America for 5 months. I only had a couple of weeks to gather all my things and get on a plane, and very unlike me... I tried to pack light. So choosing the right kit to take was important. 

Having already used the Darn Tough ski socks and loved them, as the unofficial official product tester for Montagne sports, I thought it was only right I would put their walking socks to the test on my recent trip around South America. 

The first trial...The Lost City Trek, Colombia. This was a brutal, steep and very humid 4-day trek, the perfect chance to test out if Darn Tough really meant Darn Tough. With 100% humidity and a pain threshold that is perhaps slightly lower than i'd care to admit, blisters are always the first worry when walking through the jungle. Although I did still get a few... in comparison to my fellow trekkers (using bog standard non-Darn Tough socks), I seemed to have escaped the worst of it by quite some margin. The undetectable seam design of the walking socks was perfect for reducing blister sites and the fast action wicking further helped prevent the blister-blight of many a weary traveller, not to mention soggy foot syndrome. The fast action wicking also proved its worth when walking through rivers, as my socks dried out quickly... Yet another perk of these all-singing all-dancing socks was the smell - or lack-thereof. They definitely didn't smell as bad as some socks owned, worn and aired by my peers. I think it's safe to assume the antimicrobial features of merino wool were at play here, preventing me from developing a nasty case of sock-based smelly-feet reputation tainting.





After this intense but successful initial sock test phase, I knew I could rely on my Darn Tough's and wore them regularly. The next big test was in Bariloche, hiking the Cerro Campanario trail. This hike offered phenomenal views of the city of Bariloche and the surrounding lakes... which I was able to enjoy, comfortably, smelling distinctly less, and remaining blister-free!  


I will happily admit that these socks definitely ended up being my go-to, and i'm fairly certain my feet are still thanking me. I really liked the support, comfort and design of them. They come in a variety of different colours which I love! I came back with my feet intact, and ready to shove them in a pair of crippling stilettos if I so wished - now I don't think there are many travelling hikers that can claim that!

A little more about what Darn Tough are about... 

Darn Tough is family run business. For the past 40 years, they have dedicated their time to perfecting the simple sock. Even better, they stand behind their product so much that they are guaranteed for life?! Their socks are made from ethically sourced merino wool, from America and around the world. They work closely with their suppliers to ensure they are held to the highest standard of ethics. They have always been a favourite of Montagne Sports creator Alan Barrie as well as our customers. 


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