Ultimate Equipment Survival Bag & Whistle Pack

Ultimate Equipment Survival Bag & Whistle Pack

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Season : AW16


Code : 5064240

A tough, hi visibility polythene survival bag and rescue whistle combo from Ultimate Equipment; ideal to carry in your pack 'Just in Case'.

In an emergency you can use the survival bag to shelter from the elements , while also being highly visible from long distances. The rescue whistle lets you call for help using the international distress call of 6 blasts. Ideal to carry in your pack 'Just in Case'

This survival bag can be folded up into your pack, ready to be used if you find yourself benighted, lost or injured on the hills. The super strong polythene is completely waterproof and windproof, to give complete protection from the elements. It is bright orange for a good reason too, allowing the bag to be seen from air and land very long distance.  There's room for one person along with your pack.

The whistle is made of durable plastic, has a handy lapel clip on the rear and has no internal parts so is unaffected by sub zero temperatures. It also floats and produces 100+ db allowing you to be heard from long distances

  • Single person with small pack
  • Tough and durable Polythene
  • Water and wind proof
  • Hi-Visibility Orange
  • Size - 90cm x 178cm 
  • Made in the UK
  • Weight - 750g
  • Includes plastic pealess rescue whistle

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