Imbrace Womens Leggings - Snow Muscle Support

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‘Ski all day with more confidence and less fatigue'

Introducing the Women's IMBRACE Snow Leggings – the world's first leggings exclusively designed for snow sports users. These leggings boast a high, adjustable waist band with pockets for heat pads in the lining. Positioned to keep the muscles in the lower back and base of the spine warm. There is also pocket over the abdomen to soothe tummy and period discomfort.

  • High Waist Band - All about performance and injury prevention. Protection for your lower back and spine.
  • Heat Pad Pockets - Pockets for heat pads in the waist lining specifically target the muscles of the lower back.
  • Core Boost Straps - Tightening these straps when you start the day helps you switch on your transverse abdominal muscles. This muscle group is a key component of your core providing thoracic and spinal stability.
  • Engineered Panels - These panels cover the outer leg, thighs and hips down to the knee. Keeping your hip and thigh muscles warm, helping with alignment and reducing fatigue.
  • Knee Support Braces - Knee support panels offer the support of a mid-level compression knee brace without compromising comfort or flexibility.
  • No Boot Compromise - The boot cut length ensures that there is no material inside the boot, allowing you to maintain a great feel and movement.
  • Heiq Smart Temp - Innovative thermoregulation technology with the ability to dynamically respond to body heat. 
  • Eco Fabric - Base Fabric 77% Recycled Nylon and 23% Spandex for 4 way stretch and comfort next to your skin.
  • Reduced Washing - Antibacterial treatment keeps the leggings fresh, reducing the need for frequent washing and extending their lifespan.

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