AJTU Adults Socks - Alpaca Wool Extra Thick (Pack of 2)

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Men's Socks Wool Pack of 2

HIGH QUALITY ALPACA SOCKS UNISEX 3094GA THIS IS EXTRA THICK MODEL. DOUBLE WALL LAYER VERY HIGH QUALITY WOOL RICH SOCKS: Product Content: 40% Alpaca Wool 48% Wool 12% Polyamide Alpaca wool, obtained from Alpaca camels, a special species living only in Peru and Bolivia, is one of the most valuable wools in the world with its unique softness, incredible lightness and unique properties.

-Alpaca fibers are naturally available in 22 different colors and retain their vibrant hues for years. It consists of completely natural processed fiber content, including the color stage.

Ideal Comfort for Cold Winter Days It offers a warm and soft feeling even on the coldest and wettest winter days. Special for Sensitive Skin

-Alpaca wool is very special and rare should not cause allergic reactions.

-Alpaca wool, which is hypoallergenic due to its structure, does not sting and does not itch.

-Alpaca camel wool is very strong thanks to its long fiber structure.
Made in Turkey

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