Uvex P1US WL Snowsport Helmet

Uvex P1US WL Snowsport Helmet

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The uvex p1us pro Women's Line ski helmet is the lightest hardshell helmet that has ever been manufactured. Outstanding design and the latest technologies are the characteristics of the p1us pro WL ski helmet.

The newest member of the uvex Women's Line is more than just a style accessory. The uvex p1us pro WL ski helmet weighs 20% less than previously manufactured uvex hardshells, while simultaneously fulfilling highest demands in security. The brand new ultra-light and impact-resistant special synthetic material makes this possible. Thanks to the + technology. The uvex p1us WL has a specialy smooth helmet liner for the comfort of wearing.

The extremely hard outer shell and the EPS-shock absorber on the inside are an unbeatable pair. A clever air channeling system provides draft-free ventilation – it also regulates the temperature in the helmet automatically.