SueMe Mens Short-Sleeve T-shirt - Nomad XS

SueMe Mens Short-Sleeve T-shirt - Nomad XS

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The moment this tee touches your skin, its bamboo fibres mimic the temperature of your body, leaving you feeling instantly comfy. Try saying that about an all-cotton top.

And a SueMe shirt is no short-term friend: turn it inside out and you’ll find the shoulder and cotton seams are taped. Tape adds strength and helps the slim fit design retain its shape after multiple launderings. Not that your tee will need to see the inside of a washing machine too regularly – bamboo’s natural antibacterial properties allow this garment to spend more time on your back and less time in the laundry basket.

Our PETA-approved vegan shirt has become a wardrobe staple because the sustainable materials minimise its environmental impact. And because its natural threads connect us to the landscapes and seascapes we love.

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