Nikwax Rug Wash

Nikwax Rug Wash

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Wash-in cleaner for all horse rugs 
Safely revitalises insulation and water repellency

If a breathable waterproof rug loses its water repellency, it will suffer a severe reduction in its ability to breathe. This will lead to a build up of condensation on the inside of the rug so the horse will become clammy, cold and uncomfortable. Always use Nikwax Rug Wash for cleaning breathable waterproof horse rugs such as those made by Rambo.

Benefits of using this product

It prolongs the life of horse rugs and optimises performance 
It maintains breathability 
It maintains original water-repellency 
It’s easy to apply - can be used in a domestic or commerical washing machine 
Suitable for use on all rugs -, including those with breathable membranes 
It lifts out dirt that can attract water and mask water repellent finishes 
Unlike detergents, it does not leave behind water attractive residues which encourage ‘wetting-out’ 
It will remove detergent residues left behind by previous washes 
WaterBased - environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non flammable, non hazardous 
Does not contain fluorocarbons 

Ideal for

All equestrian horse rugs including high activity and technically advanced rugs 
Recommended for use on Rambo Rugs

How to apply

Apply in a hand wash with a scrubbing brush or a more effective and thorough method is to apply Nikwax Rug Wash in the washing machine on a cycle that will allow the rug to rinse thoroughly. 
Ensure even distribution of the active ingredients penetrating throughout the fabric. 
Select a warm wash cycle 
Drip-dry or if care label allows, tumble dry on a low setting 


Always remove all traces of detergent from the dispenser before treating.

This product can also be applied neat to rugs as a stain or grease remover prior to washing. 

Volume guide 

To clean in a washing machine use 150 ml for heavily soiled rugs. Treat 1 rug per load.

To clean by hand, dilute 1 part Rug Wash with 2 parts hot water. 

When to use this product 

Always apply this product to new or used horse rugs to keep items in perfect condition. We recommend you clean items with Nikwax Rug Wash before proofing them with Nikwax Rug Proof. 

You should be able to wash reproofed rugs frequently. Re-proof rugs with Nikwax at least once a year.