KUTOOK Waterproof Windproof Ski Gloves Thermal Gloves SF501

KUTOOK Waterproof Windproof Ski Gloves Thermal Gloves SF501

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Product features:

Design refers to separation of internal five finger slots to increase flexibility.

Water repellent coating surface preventing cold air and snow getting inside. Surface has a waterproofing coating, and a TUP breathable waterproof windproof membrane, built-in finger closed TUP breathable waterproof bag, to make sure it's dry and warm in snow and rain.

With lightweight 3M THINSULATE, enjoy enhanced heat preservation performance. Fleece Lining: The lining is comfortable and skin-friendly. The filled insulations support to recovery the shape without easy deformation. It is 100% knitted polyester and helps to keep hands dry and warm in winter sports. Quality zippers tighten to prevent wind from entering the wrist.
【The palm material is goatskin】Soft, comfortable and wear-resistant, more durable
【Shock protection】The back of the palm and the joint of the palm are designed with anti-shock pad to increase protection
【Detachable anti-loss buckle design】A pair of the gloves is equipped with anti-loss rope design, which is easy to carry and practical by using the buckle removal. The gloves can also lock into each other