JoGo™ – The Brew Straw for Coffee and Tea

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Meet JoGo! A highly portable, flavorful, multipurpose, teeth-friendly, and 100% sustainable new way to brew and enjoy your coffee and loose-leaf tea.

Simply drop in a scoop of your favorite ground coffee, add hot water, pop in your JoGo, and enjoy! No more machines, waste, or hassle.

Comes with a carrying pouch and a JoGo cleaning brush!


  • Highly Portable – Roughly the size of a pencil, JoGo can easily slip into any pocket
  • Robust Flavor– Brews delicious and robust French press style coffee with the ease of instant
  • Zero Waste – Simplifies the brewing process and avoids unnecessary waste
  • Multipurpose – Can also be used to filter other beverages such as loose-leaf tea and muddled cocktails, or remove the filter and use it as a regular reusable straw
  • Teeth Friendly – Drinking coffee through a straw helps bypass your teeth and reduce unwanted stains
  • Heat Regulated Tip – BPA free silicone tip provides comfort and temperature diffusion to make every sip enjoyable
  • Durable – Built to last with food-grade stainless steel
  • Ergonomically Designed – Designed for comfortable sipping from a natural position
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • FDA Approved