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Darn Tough Women's Endurance 1/4 Light Cushion Socks

Darn Tough Women's Endurance 1/4 Light Cushion Socks

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Darn Tough Women's BPM 1/4 Socks Push yourself further, harder and faster without any disruption or discomfort to your feet with the Darn Tough Women's BPM 1/4 Socks. Designed to provide you with full cushioning all the way along the feet, the sock uses Darn Tough's light cushioning. Being extremely versatile, as well as providing cushioning, you will be able to stretch them without any lasting damage being caused to misshape them. As you start exercising or become more active, the socks will immediately work to keep you feeling comfortable. Using a performance fit, this will mean that the sock will form a solid grip within the shoe. This will prevent slipping from occurring. As well as this, the sock will not bunch which means that there is a reduced risk of blisters being caused by hot spots. The sock is made extremely durable and tough by the fine gauge knitting. This construction means that the sock has unprecedented durability and Darn Tough's unique "put it on, forget it's on" feel. Made with a blend of Nylon and Merino Wool, the wool is the ultimate fibre for breathability and comfort in all conditions, which will mean that constant comfort is guaranteed. The socks will prepare you for any conditions, as they will provide you with all-weather performance. This will mean that you will feel warm in winter, as they will retain heat, and cool in warmer months with exceptional climate control. As your feet begin to sweat, the socks will immediately wick the moisture away from foot and sock, before quickly drying off. The material is naturally antimicrobial, which will mean that it will repel all odour causing bacteria away, which will keep you feeling and smelling fresh. Using Darn Tough's True Seamless, this construction means that there is an undetectable seam fusion that will guarantee that you have an ultra smooth invisible feel which will reduce the risk of irritation. At a 1/4 length height, the socks sit just above the ankle, perfect