Care Plus First Aid Kit

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Light Walker

This compact set is for taking with you on day-to-day activities and are easy to store in a bag or rucksack. All three sets contain plasters, bandages and other first aid requisites. The lightweight First Aid Kits can also be taken on board aircraft.


This kit is the latest in the World & Travel series of products and it has been specially designed for people travelling in regions where medical care is poor. Such travelers not only need a basic set of dressings and First Aid material, they should also have a variety of needles and other sterile material. This kit contains all the necessary First Aid material packaged in a strong nylon case. When you are treated at the Emergency Room at your destination, you can give this First Aid Kit to the medical staff to work with.


We recommend the First Aid Kit Walker for trail running, Nordic walking, walking holidays, and hiking tours. With its optimally compiled contents, you can effectively prevent and treat blisters and other foot problems. The kit contains wound and blister plasters, compresses, support bandages, sports tape, blood lancet, cotton balls, and alcohol towelettes. The Care Plus® Walker also contains our Camphor Spray, Foot Powder and booklet on blister treatment.


This kit has been specially developed for mountain walkers and climbers. Given the nature of these activities, it is sometimes difficult and time-consuming to reach professional medical aid in emergencies. The content of the Mountaineer kit is a response to this need.

In addition to a wide assortment of bandages, the First Aid kit also contains all kinds of aids, such as a splint, foot powder, a warning whistle and a manual with emergency signals.