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We all get confused from the endless list of ingredients we find in our skin care products, often leaving us blindly using products on our skin which are full of chemicals and ingredients which are potentially harmful to us and the environment!

The founders of Friendly Soap felt the same. 

Rob and Geoff have always had an interest in radical, political thought and social and environmental justice. So, in 2008 they decided to create their own ethical enterprise, which is where Friendly soap was created. 

All the products from Friendly Soap have no animal products or animal bi-products, and they have never been tested on animals. They are free from palm oil, SLS and parabens. Not only are all the ingredients carefully chosen to ensure they are ethical and environmentally friendly, but they are also chosen to ensure they are friendly for your skin too! The packaging being 100% recyclable, and even the method of production in environmentally conscientious. A unique quality Friendly Soap are proud to promote. They use an ancient cold-process method when creating the soap bars so they are completely biodegradable and free from any bi-products, meaning there is ZERO waste from their production. They hand pour, cut, stamp and pack their products. A process tiring on the hands, BUT relieving for the planet. 

Now, lets talk about the soap!

They come in a range of 'flavours', with ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, lavender and lemongrass to make you feel all the luxury nature has to offer. Each bar is packed with goodness, smell amazing and feel smooth on your skin. 

These soaps are a guilt free, completely natural product that we at Montagne Sports think is certainly worth getting behind

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